Sink or Swim

Not too far away, rhythmically kissing our shores, lies a sublime sea full of life and the unknown. Mystery from its size, beauty from its view, and complete tranquility rides with the generous waves. The grandeur lures the curious in without any sense of warning. Two feet become two legs. Two legs become one waist. And one waist becomes an entire body enveloped in the blue vastness. But the waters take my breath away differently this time. It sucks my lungs out of my body, devours my lips so no one can hear my desperate screams, and the cavernous abyss engulfs me into itself, and here I am, drowning. There is no escape, except for those swimming past without a second look. I am exhausted. I cannot breathe. I was not built to swim. I have been worked till the end. And this is my end.


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