Without Color

Negatives and positives, ups and downs, backwards and forwards, open and close, walk and run, smiles and frowns, etc.  “Opposites attract,” is billboarded into everyone’s mind. It becomes engraved that differences benefit each other and enhance each other’s qualities. Contrasts lay everywhere, seeking for its opposite to fill in what it cannot fill on its own.

Yet, not all can be that beautiful.

She enjoys quiet stillness but screams her violent melodies. She complains of loneliness and the lack of affection but demands her independence. She sleeps wildly but gently snuggles closely next to her lover. She loathes the mainstream trends but finds herself buried in the same routines. She cradles herself into her room for days but craves interaction with the outside world. She complains of hunger but refuses to eat. She tells people to just smile and be happy but she can’t even do that herself.

There is nothing beautiful about opposites. It only creates conflict. There is nothing beautiful about chaos. No one can handle it.


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