Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: Please Don’t Forget

Only an hour before the clock strikes Christmas and Santa crawls down our chimneys. To the fellas who considerately read my blog and to those I love, a quick reminder for those who don’t necessarily have the “happy” holidays society amps it up to be.

  1. Maintain a strong connection with your loved ones. Whoever that may be. Your teddy bear, your cup of coffee, boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, sister, brother, etc. When you find something or someone you love, keep it close.
  2. Don’t believe for one second that leaving Christmas presents under the Christmas tree replaces your existence in being there. Presents are absolutely wonderful, but presence is more vital.
  3. Just because he tells you he loves you and wraps his arms around your waist while you can smell the alcoholic stench in his breath, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
  4. Just because s/he did not text/call you for season’s greetings does not mean s/he is not thinking about you.
  5. The holidays may bring out the inner Scrooge in you, but I’m sure you’ve gone through worse. You can do this.
  6. Who cares about how many lights you’ve hung up or wrapped around? Be the light.

  7. If you’re coming home to an unsupportive family, hang in there. The questions that make you want to drown your body in alcohol will end soon. They’re just looking out for you because they care.

  8. Giving will ALWAYS be more heart-warming than receiving. Make someone smile.

  9. Don’t trade work for family. You work to live, not live to work. Work will always be there, family won’t.
  10. Wrap someone in a hug, as tight as you wrapped those gifts. Maybe a bow (kiss) on the top, too?

The holidays may be hard, but even Mr. Scrooge had a turn around. He reminisced into the joyful memories and the affects he’s had on people, leading him to voluntarily change his perception of the season.

This year hasn’t been the best, and I may be able to speak for the entire earth population, but there still remains the unforgettable moments that still light a spark in our hearts. Out of all dreadful and sentimental experiences, I’ve learned to love and to love unconditionally because out of all the gifts we can offer to anyone, compassion alters almost all our being.

From me to you, your family, friends, pets, and everyone else around the globe, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: Please Don’t Forget

  1. These are all really important things! We need to remember to spread love at this time of year, especially to those who really need it. Did you have a good Christmas? Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

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  2. I actually did! Thanks so much for asking. I personally feel like the holiday season can be tough for people, and I’m just hoping and wishing someone out there can make it better for them. I’m hoping you had an amazing Christmas as well 🙂

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