“It is Time”

Lowkey actually my Literature assignment. Shhhhh.

It is time for greater and less than signs to be eliminated from society

It is time for women to not feel endangered whenever she goes out at night for a couple of drinks

It is time for those to not condemn others for praising a higher deity

It is time for racial nicknames to end – “cracker,” “diaper heads,” “chinks”

It is time to let situations draw us back only to know that it will leave us soaring in the sky like a bow and arrow

It is time to roast marshmallows around a bonfire rather than roasting each other when being realistic

It is time for society to see that mental illnesses are not an adjective

It is time for humans to stop acting as robots, cold-hearted and stoned, but to sober up and be altruistic

It is time for Americans to stop sleeping on the American Dream, but to wake up and live

It is time to stop saying, “It is time,” and genuinely act upon your moving lips and go


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