One Awkward Person and One Stranger

For eleven days, I got to board a plane and fly to the other side of the country. Before departing, I was beyond terrified as to what important hang outs I’d miss with my friends. But as the day got closer and my friends weren’t my friends anymore, I grew more and more eager to leave, not only this city, but my entire life. I got to forget about it.

During my first day, I experienced these towering, claustrophobic buildings enclosing me into this foreign environment. People were bumping into me, cigarettes being smoked in my hair, and cars zooming through the streets breaking every traffic law. I already miss the dirt, trees, and stars back home.

As time progressed and my anxiety was preventing me from the opportunities laid ahead of me, I took a deep breath and let the wind take me. From then on, it was a city of nonstop excitement and anticipation. Despite the fact that my family was with me, I met someone who took my hand and guided me with my adventures. We took on New York together.

Originally, I was supposed to stick with my family and be the obnoxious tourists I dread to be. As tourists, you visit the most typical attractions, snap photos, and leave. You never have enough time to let the atmosphere seep into your blood, and all that surrounds you are foreign tourists and repugnant cameras. But as 16-year-olds wanting to ditch our families and see the world for ourselves, letting the cigarette smoke become my perfume and allowing the grass stains become our outfits, we took each other’s hand and ran out to the city with nothing but running shoes and perseverance.

The look he gave me as I was so awed while riding the subway, as homeless people with such incredible vocal talents perform on the train, made me feel like I haven’t seen anything in the world. By being so wonderstruck by a simple train, the look he gave me told me that I’m in for the most daring couple days.

Attempting to crash a New York party, hiking in the woods and getting trapped in the rain five miles from home, acting as delinquents in the Disney store in Times Square, helping me get the perfect views of the city, and completely gazing into the enveloping city lights from the top of the Empire State Building… we all did it together.

I’m not saying that I’ve fallen in love with a boy because I didn’t. I fell in love with the city and the fact that I was able to venture out into an entirely contrasted lifestyle with someone who reminded me that there’s more to life than the black, depressed burden I feel every day.

For eleven days, I was freed. I felt as though I was young blue jay who was trapped in a cage, seeing the same blank walls. I had about a foot of space to move around in, not able to see something new and make me feel like there’s another purpose to living. Then one day, the gate opened. I dashed through the gate and didn’t see the blank walls anymore, and I didn’t have a foot of space. I had an entire planet to see, and I saw a world of color with so much green, blue, and pink, and I met people who restored my faith in the future generations.

No words will ever – I mean, ever – describe the remarkable adventures I experienced in just a few days. All I can say right now is forget about every strain preventing you from your happiness. The world is too damn beautiful and it’s just waiting for you to see it.


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