True North Strong and Free


Traveling for 11 hours with layovers, flights, and driving, reaching to the edge of the country appears to be one of the ultimate “must do’s.”

Hopping off the bus, the misty air hangs onto my cheeks and clings onto my messy, slept-in hair. The salty smell brings me back to sunny California and its oceanic scenery yet the chill wind contrasts reminding me I’m on the complete opposite side of home. Looking out into the environment, the endless shades of green leaves me in awe.

I walk down the paved pathway, stone and smooth, leading me to the thick railing, elbow-high. The waters swim it’s way down from my left to the right, frantically swaying its way to its destination. Eager to collapse 167 feet down, it soars over the rocky cliff and plummets down leaving a rushing sound.


Above the haste waters, what seems only a few yards away from me, holds a whole different country. The tall, distinct buildings creates a formation of perfection. Each edifice formed into its own unique structure, emphasizing on the concept of an entirely new world that potentially can be so different from mine.

I see a different country across from me, and I want to be able to step foot on their vibrant green grass and tell myself I’ve escaped and I start over. Until my family tells me to stand in front of the view and smile for a photo, my fantasy vanishes.


We take a cruise ride at the bottom of the falls, getting soaked by the divulging splashes. As the boat steers, we’re growing closer and closer to the breathtaking waterfall. Trying to capture a photo, my phone gets covered in water within seconds, and the pure whiteness of the view shines brighter than the sun.

On our way back, as the mist starts to slow, I check the GPS on my phone, and the blue dot illuminates illustrating that we were on the border, technically being in two places at once.

Bucket list #8: “Be in two places at once” checked off.


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